ActiveID targets and tracks audiences

ActiveID uses a fully compliant, rich hybrid targeting system with an over 95% match rate and multiple touchpoints to track users and target audiences across all devices and digital channels throughout the customer lifecycle.

ActiveID ensures efficient use of your budget

Having a long-lasting user ID allows us to know when someone has seen an ad before, so you won’t waste your budget or alienate your customers by showing them the same ads on repeat.

ActiveID also allows you to improve campaign performance by identifying and targeting existing buyers.

ActiveID is more reliable than cookies

Cookies have become a problem in the industry because they have a short lifespan and users don’t understand what kind of information is passed through them.

Apple has already stopped using third party cookies, and Google is planning to remove them from Chrome in the next two years. ActiveID is an established, reliable and superior data solution, enabling you to reach your target audiences, ensure consent and achieve accurate attribution for your campaigns without the use of cookies.

ActiveID is an identifier that goes far beyond cookies. It allows you to store customer information and analyse user behaviour over a long period of time.

With 28% of US mobile browsers and 20% of UK mobile browsers now being cookieless (YouGov 2021), marketers can no longer rely on cookies to track and identify customers. Our cookieless solution ActiveID has been in existence since 2018, combining deterministic data with probabilistic data and signal data to produce a robust identifier, enabling you to reach your target audiences, ensure consent and achieve accurate attribution for your campaigns.

ActiveID is legally consented

ActiveID is a more than just a more robust identifier – it’s also legally consented.

The user agrees to allow us to store information about their choices which enables us to build a more complete picture of them, which in turn allows us to serve more targeted ads and deliver exceptional performance.

Deliver your campaigns with privacy-first confidence

It’s essential that your ad campaigns are fully compliant. ConsenTAG ensures that our tags only fire based on all the different legislations globally.

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