ConsenTAG gives users informed choice

Following the introduction of privacy regulations such as GDPR, it is now essential to gain consent for customer information to be gathered, stored and used. We developed ConsenTAG to help our clients ensure that consent.

With ConsenTAG, when people visit your website they are given options for providing their consent. This ensures that only trackers for the options users have given consent for, such as Google Analytics, are launched.

ConsenTAG works with ActiveID to not just gather data, but to check whether user consent has already been provided – so you don’t need to ask every time.

ConsenTAG enables you to collect data

ConsenTAG allows you to comply with the legal regulations in each country or territory while collecting data. This protects the privacy of your users, while enabling you to easily gather and use consent.

ConsenTAG works with other solutions

ConsenTAG doesn’t always need to display a message. If you have another solution in place, ConsenTAG integrates with it to receive user preferences and make decisions based on which pixels to fire, while remaining legally compliant.


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