The art of talent magnetism: An employer brand’s how-to on using programmatic advertising to recruit the right talent

Earlier this month our Senior Vice President Michael Cahan joined recruitment experts Anna Servedio from OMERS and Vangie Sison and Yelena Cooke from AMS to discuss the art of talent magnetism, and how to connect your employer brand to the right talent using programmatic. 

(Watch the full webinar on-demand here.)

From this insightful webinar we’ve pulled together the key takeaways so that you too can use programmatic advertising to boost your applicant rates and position yourself as a strong employer brand. 

69% of you are finding the task of attracting qualified talent harder than ever before and it’s unsurprising when you read that 75% of workers are approached multiple times a year with job offers, while 40% would refuse a job if they had a negative experience during recruitment. We know it’s a hard gig. 

But not all is lost, because we also know that a huge 72% of active job seekers are likely to apply if the employer has a strong brand. So what do these stats tell us? That a strong employer brand has never been more important. 

Gone are the days of traditional recruitment advertising, where a “spray and pray” method is used. The market is now far too competitive to adopt the approach of buying many placements and hoping you’re able to reach the right audience.  

Of course, this approach is tempting when publishers are continuously explaining why their websites are an ideal fit for the audience you are trying to reach. But the problem here is that once you buy these placements, you have no ability or control to optimise or pivot during the campaign. What’s more, your reporting is siloed. If you are running ads on multiple publishers – which naturally you will to increase reach – each publisher will give you its own reporting. Minimising your ability to paint that full picture. 

Here’s where programmatic advertising comes in. Programmatic offers you automated, targeted, data-driven digital advertising. Through the use of a media buying platform (DSP), you can target your audience across the internet on multiple channels and formats by leveraging vast amounts of data, resulting in greater campaign efficiency and performance. And your reporting is all in one place.  Allowing you to understand what’s working and what isn’t in real-time, optimising your campaign as you go. 

If you would like to find out more about how you can recruit your next generation workforce with programmatic advertising, get in touch today.