Empowering Higher Education Marketing: Innovative Solutions and Dynamic Retargeting with Crimtan’s Unique Study Intent Data

Every student’s journey to enrollment is unique and personal to them. For many students, it’s the biggest decision they’re yet to make in their lives, so unsurprisingly they want to get it right. It’s up to you to show them that your institution is the best option for them. And the best way to do that? With personalized, perfectly-timed adverts that keep prospective students moving through the conversion funnel, ultimately towards walking through your doors as the new academic year starts.

Working with a partner like Crimtan, you can leverage proprietary DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) solutions to adapt your messaging and creative to specific audiences, locations, environments, and beyond. Creating millions of versions of ads, tailored perfectly to the individuals viewing them.  

In other words, if you are retargeting a prospective student that has viewed your science program webpage multiple times, you can show them tailored messages around upcoming open days and campus Q&A events. If you want to target international students, the ads they’ll see from your institution will nod to the challenges of living abroad, showing how your institution will be the helping hand to walk them through the process. 

Opting for an DCO solution means utilizing insights such as the pages students visit on your site, the content that piques their interest, the actions they’ve taken toward applying and the bottlenecks that have stopped them. All of which paints a bigger picture to help you better understand what’s working for your institution (and what’s not), driving a personalized experience with every single touchpoint prospective students make with your school. From initial enquiry form and brochure download, to post-Open House inquiries and final registration. 

Embracing the power of data for maximum personalization

We’ve covered how you can serve prospective students tailored and personalized adverts, but how can you better understand who your prospective students really are? That’s when Crimtan’s Study Intent audience data comes in. 

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness globally, activate targeted and tailored student advertising campaigns or pinpoint specific markets to bolster recruitment goals, we’ve got you covered. With Crimtan’s audience data capabilities, powered by insights from Times Higher Education, you can plan, target and measure your student advertising campaigns with access to millions of prospective students’ intent-to-study data. 15 million prospective students, to be exact. 

With this data, you can learn the origin country of 15 million prospective students around the world and their intended study location, as well as exactly what programs they’re interested in. All in real time. Arming you with the audience insights to make better marketing decisions to ensure your budget is being spent in the right places. 

By utilizing these strategies effectively, universities can connect with their target audience on various online platforms. Showcasing the unique aspects of your institution, with tailored messaging that speaks to the individual students and cuts through the competitive higher education noise.

Our expertise in generating awareness, engaging potential students, and optimizing campaigns makes Crimtan a reliable partner for education clients. With our data-driven approach and commitment to excellence, higher education institutions can work smarter, not harder, to achieve their enrollment goals. Get in touch today.