How to achieve even better marketing results in the post-cookie world

With the cookieless future already here, advertisers are beginning to explore new ways to track customers and measure performance. Here at Crimtan, we’re sharing our cookieless and data solutions expertise to explain why marketers should no longer be reliant on cookies, and what you can do (from today) to succeed in this post-cookies marketing ecosystem.

Depending solely on cookies is no longer a viable option and will no longer provide the comprehensive measurement and insight necessary for your campaigns to be successful. Although marketers have the ability to use first-party data to communicate with audiences, it does not give them the opportunity to target new customers. For a campaign to be successful, the right audience needs to be targeted at the right time and this is one of the biggest challenges marketers are facing, as they are no longer able to identify individual users with the absence of cookies.

It sounds scary, but you can easily adapt to the cookieless world by investing in cookie-free campaigns that seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing efforts. Now is the perfect opportunity to navigate this new marketing landscape and create marketing strategies that maximise your first party data and make use of tech such as ActiveID to ensure campaign performance remains strong, while reducing dependency on cookies.

Our cookieless solution, ActiveID, is one of the first ID systems that goes beyond cookies and has been built around user consent by design for persistent tracking. This helps marketers and brands like yourselves make more accurate and informed decisions about advertising at scale, whilst maintaining user consent preferences. This specialist technology works by managing consent, using relevant targeting for better performance and joining the dots with attribution to successfully reach users at every stage of the customer journey.

We asked our Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Houstoun, why this is so important to get right:

“Regardless of Google’s timeline, cookies can no longer give you the comprehensive measurement and insight you need to run successful campaigns. It is also vital that companies comply with global privacy legislation. Which is why we have been perfecting our own technology that replaces the role of the third-party cookie and allows advertisers to accurately target without relying on them. Our products are powered by privacy-preserving APIs which prevent individual tracking while still delivering outstanding advertising performance.“

If you would like to discover even more insight and expertise around how best to navigate the post-cookie landscape, download our free whitepaper today to find out how you can improve your marketing strategy in a cookieless word.